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Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide the best in class service to our customers while maintaining a safe and innovative work environment.  By exceeding the expectations of customers, our goal is to develop long-lasting relationships that transcend normal business interactions and provide National and our partners mutually beneficial growth. 

Core Values

National recognizes the importance of its customers and takes  a customer centered approach in defining its identity.  Aware that this is what every activity revolves around, National has created the customer focused culture they are known for.  National excels at delivering products and services on time and to a level of satisfaction which continuously exceeds our customers' expectations while improving their quality of life.  Equipped with this core idea and the following values, company employees are prepared and committed to delivering first class service time and time again.   



The corporate family and identity that National embodies is something our employees take pride in.  They are equipped with this confidence and use it as a tool to facilitate our success. 



The constant and unwavering demonstration of integrity from our employees is the catalyst which helps us achieve our targets and deliver solutions to our customers with increasing levels of satisfaction.



National's personal pursuit to become the best by following the path of continuous improvement is a never ending endeavor.



National's distinguished quality is the path that separates us from our competition. Through the obsession over quality in our products and processes National has emerged as a true leader.



Unlimited by the size or breadth of the organization, National will always be devoted to its pure professionalism in its workplace and communities.

About National

National Heat and Power Corp. is a privately owned, complete service, mechanical and plumbing contracting company that specializes in mechanical and plumbing contracting services to a large range of commercial, industrial and institutional clients through the Greater Chicago Area since 1957. As a result of its commitment to putting customers first, National has been awarded the opportunity to cooperate on over 5,000 projects over the past 50 years. National has been selected by many of the world’s largest and finest corporations and organizations including Fortune 100 companies and top 50 educational systems as the contractor of choice.


Over half of a century, National has served the mechanical and plumbing needs of numerous industries including educational, retail, commercial, technological, condominiums, multi-family residential, medical, institutional, and government institutions. Through its unwavering commitment and focus to the industry, National has truly developed its expertise in commercial HVAC and mechanical systems, process piping, process steam & condensate systems, plumbing solutions, commissioning services, design engineering and a year-round 24 hour service solution.  National focuses companywide, on continuous improvement, building off of the successes of the past and utilizing the new next generation tools and processes of the modern era.


National has recently restructured its organization. Previously separate organizations, NHP Service Company and Goodman Plumbing & Heating Company have been be consolidated into the single company, National Heat & Power Corporation, “National”.  As such, National has become a vertically integrated, full service provider that can offer turn-key services to its customers.


Through its committed and focused leadership, National is intent on employing similarly dedicated and passionate employees and further developing their customer-focused culture. Only through this devotion to excellence and fundamental beliefs in quality, integrity, trust and professionalism has National grown and continues to grow as one of the leading mechanical and plumbing providers in the region.

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