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NHP Service, Goodman Plumbing & National Heat & Power Corp., Organizational Announcement

As of January 1, 2016 NHP Service Company and Goodman Plumbing & Heating Co. will be consolidated into their parent company, National Heat & Power Corp., “National”. As such, National will assume the business operations of these companies, which will otherwise remain fundamentally unaffected by the consolidation. The consolidated companies’ brands will no longer be utilized. All contracts with existing customers will begin reflecting this name change, yet remain substantially unaltered.

All of our billings and official documents will carry the new name and we would appreciate the use of the new name in all your business transactions with us beginning January 1, 2016. All payments, invoices and statements after the first of the year should be addressed as follows:

National Heat & Power Corp.

6340 Oakton Street

Morton Grove, IL 60053

Although our name has changed, our address, telephone, fax and e-mail addresses will remain unchanged. However, you may start noticing the use of our new domain name The domain and e-mails using will still function in conjunction with

Meeting your needs and exceeding your expectations will continue to be our top priority. Thank you for your cooperation and continued support. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions.

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